Phil (tinjuko) wrote,

A hack3r5 Chri5t5ma5 wi5hli5t

This is just for fun but it'll give you an idea of the kinds of things I'd like to get my hands on.

Sealed lead acid battery 12v/17Ah $33
200 Watt black and decker inverter $35
Dual 12" white cold cathodes $7
Special volt meter $200
Current meter $50
Battery Capacity Analyzer $220
Potical tachometer $30
Computerized Battery Analyzer $110
(guess i'll stop there, haha)

these are some side projects im working on.

This isn't grownd breaking but that's a lead acid batter (12v/7Ah) connected to a 100w inverter producing light (to the right) with a 120v/7w light. Pretty much, this is a home made UPS or back up battery. If the power goes out, I can get 12 hrs. of light. A few years ago, we got hit with some isabell weather and knocked out power for 10 days. This wasn't the soul purpose of this project but this will come in handy.

These cathodes went to my old computer and it's been a while since i've used them, so i hooked them to my bed.

This, here, is my main project. I'm working on a pulse motor using magnets and it's a charger as well. It doesn't produce overunity but you can get 4:1 ratio. In lay terms, that means I can charge 4 battery with one. Or, imagine putting a dollar in the ATM and getting 4 back, and you can do that forever.
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