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Durian and confused

I'm still learning about fats but I know there are good and bat fats. What has me confused though is that its only list as fat but not under saturated or mono/polyunsaturated fat. In any case, I'd lean it towards the good fat.

I really use to hate durian as a kid. Growing up, when my dad opened the container of durian, I'd run to my room to shut the door cause I couldnt stand the smell. When I tried it for the first time, recently, I had to muscle it down. But its not all that bad now. It's actually a lot better than an avocado. I can have an avocado with sushi but entirely by itself, I'd puke.

The nutrition on a durian is great though. Outside of it being too expensive (6 bux for 3 cups of it), I could eat a lump (cup) every morning.

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