Phil (tinjuko) wrote,

I've Found the Answer

It's been a little over four years since my last post. I can't believe I still remember the password to this account.

When I started this journal, I saw myself as a drifter in this vast world. So much to learn, so much to see, so much to experience. I wanted to find the meaning of life... But the answer was always in front of me. I read philosophy, psychology, sociology, self-improvement, and so forth to figure things out.

I found the answer on youtube. Yes - youtube. It was one of Graham Hancock's videos on consciousness. He talked about the history of mankind and how we've gotten to this point. Within the mix, he said that life's about experiencing. I'll also note that I would have glossed over that answer if other areas of research didn't come into play. Because I also research minimalism, Buddhism, conspiracy theories, fitness, and any truth, no matter how controversial.

From Buddhism, I learned that attachment causes suffering. From minimalism, I learned that letting material possessions go gives me freedom. From fitness, I learned to love myself, body, and goals. From self-improvement, I learned how to not be shy, go out to meet people and make them smile and laugh. From psychology and sociology, I learned about personalities, how I and others work.

When Graham Hancock spoke the answer, it's as if the unified theory finally appeared. All of my experiences and memories pulled together. "...Life is about experiences..." I remembered my trip up to Canada. I remembered the blood, sweat and tears I put in the gyms to hit goals. I remembered them people I've friended because I got over my shyness.

We're all looking for different answers in life - some easier than others. You may say, "'Life is about experiences' is an easy answer." But I'd challenge you that it's not so. If you look carefully, people tie their identity/ego to things like cars, jobs, and homes. "This" is who I am. What if their car blew up, house burned down or lost their job? What happens to their identity/ego? What if their American idol star loses?

Eckhart Tolle said it best, "Happiness comes from within. (I know other Gurus say it as well.)" When you have dreams, goals, and opportunity, you can't help but be happy.

"Everything passes; nothing stays the same."
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